It's time to Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word which in essence translates to 'enjoying the simple things in life'

Incorporating Hygge into everyday living will help us get through the stresses of modern day life. We have explored some of the ways we can bring Hygge into our lives this winter.

- Light candles

Candlelight is romantic and warming

- Cosy Up

Comfortable cushions and warm throws keep you cosy in the winter

- Cover cold floors with rugs

Rugs bring warmth and comfort under foot

- Cook a meal together

There is nothing like cooking a warming winter tea and sitting down at the table enjoying eating with one another

- Drink mulled wine or hot chocolate

Turn off the TV and cosy up on the sofa with a good book

- Play board games

Interact with the family and spend quality time together doing something fun

- Dress warmly and take a walk

There is no reason not to enjoy the outdoors if you dress up warm and have a cosy home to come back to!

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